We run a small education department to ensure our work remains relevant and accountable to young people and to children. We have a schools visit programme, though spaces are limited and where possible we like to speak to larger groups, or work with schools who have joined together for the event. 

We also offer remote learning via Skype sessions, which are often the better solution for smaller groups, like individual classes studying a particular film or period of history in class where age rating information is relevant.

Some schools have asked us to talk to their PTA or to teachers. This can also work extremely well.

In a typical visit a Compliance Officer would present to the pupils, including showing clips from recent and famous U and PG rated films and trailers, and then answer questions about our work. If relevant, we can talk about older decisions and how age ratings have changed over time.

As a not for profit organisation we don’t charge for visits, though we do welcome contributions towards travel and our costs if schools can afford it.

If you don’t have Skype facilities and wish to request a visit, please email us here requesting more information education@bbfc.co.uk. It is useful to have plenty of time for the session and also for teachers to give an idea of the scope of the talk. Ideally, we need plenty of notice – preferably a term. If we can, we will make the visit.

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