There’s loads of information about how and why films are age rated on CBBFC. There are also some activities that you may want to do with your child, like rating a trailer, or enter a competition.

There is also information about how we work directly with schools, young people and their parents and teachers. For example there is information about our education events. These are usually run with film industry partners, like cinemas or museums, but also sometimes with individual schools. We focus especially on remote learning sessions via Skype for younger audiences.

You can use the direct links below to work your way around the site:

There is more information for parents on our main BBFC website, which also includes a wealth of information resources aimed at older children studying film or media. There you will also be able to read our full Guidelines.

We don’t link to our main public website as it includes information about all the age ratings and all of our decisions, so includes reference to adult material.