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FROZEN 2 (2019)

FROZEN 2 (2019)
  • Genre: Animation, Children, Fantasy, Musical

  • Release date(s):

  • Run time: 103 minutes

  • Director(s): Jennifer Lee Chris Buck

  • Cast: Idina Menzel (voice), Kristen Bell (voice), Jonathan Groff (voice), Josh Gad (voice), Jason Ritter (voice), Evan Rachel Wood (voice)

  • Ratings Info:

    mild threat, very mild violence, rude humour

  • Synopsis: FROZEN 2 is a fantasy animation sequel in which two sisters must save their kingdom.

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FROZEN II is a fantasy animation sequel in which two sisters must save their kingdom.

Threat and horror

A woman is threatened by a fantastical creature at sea. A fire breaks out in a forest, causing characters to run away in panic. Rock giants attack a woman, but she is unharmed. Civilians must flee their homes after learning that their Kingdom is at risk of flooding. All scenes of threat are brief and end reassuringly.


It is implied that a man is killed, although there is no sight of this. Characters wield a range of weapons including swords.

Rude humour

There are occasional jokes about burping and passing wind.

There are emotional scenes in which two women mourn the death of their parents. A character is believed to be lost forever. There is infrequent very mild bad language ('butt') and brief scenes of kissing.