The sequel to FINDING NEMO (rated U in 2003) follows a fish trying to find her family. The film was passed at U for some infrequent mild threat. This trailer was sent to the BBFC, with a request from the film company to pass it U. Watch the trailer, note down any classification issues you spot and then click through to compare your age rating deciison with a BBFC Compliance Officer.

Even if you have seen FINDING NEMO, it’s possible that members of the audience might not have done. Remember that trailers do not always receive the same rating as the features they are advertising. This is because cinema audiences tend to see trailers in the cinema when they have decided to watch a film. We describe this as unbidden - parents or kids may have chosen to see a very different film when they sit down to the trailers. Is this trailer scary? Funny? Sad? Happy? How do you think very young viewers would feel - would it worry them or are they likely to understand the characters and jokes easily.

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